The Law Firm core business consists of providing legal assistance to middle market and large scale multinational companies in relation to:

  • national and international contract – supply and distribution agreements, engineering contracts, research and development contracts, joint ventures, technology transfer agreements and related antitrust law aspects -;
  • company law and corporategovernance – legal assistance for Italian companies establishment, by laws and shareholders agreements negotiation and drafting, company reorganisation projects;
  • M&A: legal due diligence, share/quota sale and purchase agreements, going concerns and industrial assests sale and purchase agreements, investment agreements.
  • Labour law – employment contracts, litigation, employees reorganisation projects with collective dismissal, legal assistance in the relationship with trade unions;
  • Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law.

Specific competences:

Public procurement

Studio Legale Pecoraro – Travostino has accrued specific competences in the field of national and EU public procurement with particular reference to the management of legal aspects related to the procurement procedures and relevant public contracts.

Some of the main project in which the Law Firm has been involved are listed hereinafter:

  • Legal assistance in the setting up of e-procurement market places;
  • Legal assistance to the European Commission for the setting up and management of the procurement procedures related to the deployment and operation of European satellite systems, including drafting of the relevant documentation.

Corporate administrative liability

Studio Legale Pecoraro – Travostino has accrued specific competences in projects for the compliance of companies structures to the provision of Legislative Decree 231/2001, introducing in Italy the corporate administrative liability - specific experiences have been accrued in the bank, insurance, pharmaceutic, food and automotive sectors - and Legislative Decree 262/2005 (legge sul risparmio) introducing specific rules in the field of corporate governance and management of companies information.

Lawyers of Studio Legale Pecoraro – Travostino are members of “Organismi di Vigilanza” (i.e. Audit Boards for D.Lgs 231/2001 purposes) in listed and non listed companies.

Other Projects :

Studio Legale Pecoraro – Travostino ha salso provided legal assistance in the following projects:

  • project Financing for European infrastructures deployment and operation;
  • twinning projects for the harmonisation of national legislation of new European Union Member States to Community Law.

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